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Awaken to pleasure. 

In ancient Rome, Lucina was the goddess of childbirth who safeguarded the lives of women during labor and delivery. Her name means “she who brings children into the light.” 

Magu is the Goddess of hemp and healing. Throughout China, Japan, and Korea, Magu (or Ma Gu MaKu, Mako) is depicted as a beautiful woman. Her beauty is a symbol of the health and healing of the universe she is believed to protect. She is a guardian of vitality not only in the world of mortals but also the cycles of the earth.

Drawing inspiration from these goddesses, we created LUCINA // FULL SPECTRUM HEMP SUPERFOOD // ESPRESSO BLEND an Italian style espresso blend. It is slow-roasted from a low temperature, and then baked to a light smokey finish point.

We start with beans from Brazil which create a unique, milk chocolate foundation. Then we add beans from Central America for a robust, earthy tone, and a dash of Indian Malabar for a lovely crema. Not only is the blend an intensely rich and sweet espresso, but it can also be ground for a great cup of brewed or pour-over coffee.

This coffee blend combines a predominant amount of beans from Brazil, along with beans from Central America and dashes of Indian Malabar beans mixed in for highlights and is infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Superfood.

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We hope this blend illuminates your senses day or night.

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