Collaboration: Your Team Negotiating for You

Your Team Negotiating for You

Collaborative Divorce is all about working together to reach the best possible outcome for everyone involved. In this non-adversarial divorce process, you and your lawyer build a team of professionals to negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse and their team.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

As your attorney, The Law Offices of Donna L. Buttler serve as your point person guiding you through the process as we:

  • Determine the types of professionals you will need
  • Help you choose from our recommended list
  • Manage your team
  • Represent you in negotiations
  • Work out the legal details
  • Guide the process to a successful conclusion

Why Our Clients Prefer Collaboration

  • Collaboration over Confrontation creates a less stressful and more positive environment
  • Get the advice you need, in the areas you need it, from people you trust.
  • Feel in control without having to manage all the small details.
  • The right professional can turn complicated issues into simple solutions.
  • An efficient and often faster process that creates better outcomes.

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Donna Buttler


I am Donna Buttler, a family law attorney based in Connecticut. I understand the difficulties that arise during family legal disputes, which is why I take a team-based, holistic approach to helping resolve issues in a way that enables you to move forward with your life. With more than

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Ann Newman


As an attorney, I have spent more than twenty years working with families in family law and child protection matters. I believe in the processes of mediation and collaborative divorce. I am a certified divorce mediator and I am committed to helping couples find the best solutions.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Smart, experienced and confident”

“I felt comfortable at the first meeting. Her experience and knowledge were obvious. Donna was my no nonsense advocate.”


“Attorney Buttler successfully brought to complete and final closure a very lengthy and complex family court case that I mistakenly thought had been “closed” many years ago (by a different attorney). I am extremely grateful to Donna for her expert knowledge, skills and guidance that she brought to bear on my behalf to accomplish what I was starting to think was impossible; namely, making sure I would never find myself back in Family court again! Thank you, Donna!”


“I worked with Donna on a difficult divorce settlement adjustment over a 6 month period of time and she was able to structure a revised agreement that at times I didn’t believe was going to be possible to obtain. She was able to accomplish a task that my previous attorney wasn’t able to. She was professional in her presentations along with being creative in thought to broker a deal. Communication took place day/night and sometimes even on weekends. If you are looking for someone that is diligent on your behalf I would highly recommend reaching out to her”


“Donna Buttler represented me in a high conflict divorce. Throughout the divorce process she demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and ethics. Donna Buttler is a knowledgeable, experienced, confident, and determined attorney. She fiercely fought for my interests and the outcome exceeded all expectations. I could not have been happier with the terms of my separation agreement. Donna brought in an outstanding team of professionals, including a psychologist and financial advisor that contributed in solving the complicated issues of my divorce. If you are looking for a family law attorney do not hesitate to retain Donna Buttler. She will not disappoint you!”


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